A Gallery with history


30 artists call the Colouratura Gallery home and most of them are from Cape Breton Island. Our selection is a great variety of paintings in watercolour, oil and acrylic, as well as carvings, pottery, some spectacular jewelry and First Nations art.

The building that houses Colouratura Fine Art Gallery was formerly a Presbyterian Church built in 1940. It was retired as a church in 2006 and sat vacant until 2010 when I purchased the property to repurpose it into the Gallery. With great "bones" the building remains greatly the same, with cosmetic changes both inside and out. You can still see where the pews once sat many members of past communities at the back.

There is also a very small Pioneer cemetery on the property near the location of the former church that preceded the current building. I have developed a little garden around the single headstone that marks the site.

Penny Steele

Penny Steele is the owner of Colouratura and chocolatier and creator of Cabotto Chocolates. Her background is in the arts through teaching and community theatre. Now she thrives on the interaction between herself, the artists and the visitors of her gallery.

And then came the chocolate…

Penny Steele, owner of the gallery, started Cabotto Chocolates in 2015 with a small tray of handmade truffles and bars. This developed in the following year to include a table of chocolates for which her sister started designing and making the packaging and sending in to Penny from Ontario. After three years they are both living on Cape Breton Island as partners and co-creators of these hand made and sometimes hand painted chocolates.

Hand-crafted Cabotto Chocolates are named after Giovani Caboto who landed here and whose name was anglicized to John Cabot.

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Sisters and business partners, Penny and Deb Steele make, paint and package all their own chocolates and specialty snacks. Authentically made and sometimes even hand painted, these are a great gift if they make it out of our parking lot!