Lovin’ Spoonful Hot Chocolate


Better than you can imagine…

Truffle based milk chocolate on a spoon will warm any heart. Just add warm milk, stir and a few moments later you have the most delicious hot chocolate.

Adults will love one called Tipsy Spoon Hot Chocolate. Milk Chocolate Spoons with Irish Cream Drop. A tasty treat with 6 ounces of warm milk. Enjoy!

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cream, butter (come WITH Bailey’s Irish Cream).

Please Note: All Cabotto Chocolates and snacks may contain allergens such as nuts, soya, gluten, milk products or egg. See a gluten-free option.


VIDEO: Listen to Penny Steele, chocolatier and owner of Cabotto Chocolates, talk about how to make the most delicious hot chocolate.


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